How do Mevris Switches Save Energy?

Home automation is rapidly turning into the new normal all around the world. The smart-home devices don’t just help you turn things on and off remotely. These include the smart switches introduced by Mevris. With ultimate and complete control, they also save both money and energy, if used properly.

The Mevris smart switches come with multiple benefits including drop-in replacement, making sure that they are very easy to install and set up using the Mevris mobile application. You can set up the smart devices using your mobile phone, monitor and control them through the application, and gain maximum control over the working and monitoring of your home. Through the application and usage of the smart home devices, you can easily formulate your energy-saving plan.

Energy Saving through Mevris Switches

Now that we have decided that Mevris switches can help you save a lot of energy through various means, let us take a look at all the ways the Mevris switches can contribute to saving energy.

1-Monitoring and Turning Lights Off

Are you one of those people who feel their electricity bill going up every time they see a light that has been left on? The smart lights and controlling them through smart switches can help reduce this problem by a huge percentage. Adding smart switches can help the energy-hogging of your traditional switches through addition of the remote control, scheduling, and automation.

2- Kill the Extra Consumption of Power

There are a few appliances or devices that consume power even when they are turned off. We have all heard about them and while some might take them seriously, the majority of us don’t. This phenomenon of consumption of energy while being turned off is known as ‘vampire power’. With smart switches and their option of scheduling, you can easily schedule your devices according to their run-times. They will turn off when automatically through your smart switches, especially if you’ve also installed smart plugs, when the run-time is over. This automatic turning off would save a huge amount of power!

3- Remote Access Anywhere, Anytime

Forgetfulness is an actual human folly most of the time. But, with Mevris smart switches that you can access anywhere from whatever location you’re in currently, you don’t have to worry. It doesn’t matter whether you left the light open or if you forgot to turn the switch off when you left home. With Mevris, all you need to do is open the application, check all the actions performed in the timeline, and then act accordingly.

These are the three ways that you can easily save energy and your electricity bill through Mevris smart switches and the Mevris application.


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