Everything Mevris Smart Switches are Offering Now!

Smart homes are the rapidly-approaching normal now and would soon become a necessity for homeowners around the globe. From small components and devices that are interconnected to provide maximum control, smart homes have now come of age. Home automation is not something new and isn’t even a new development, but user interest in it has recently evolved and become more focused. This new buzz over the advent of smart homes refers to specific things that you can program for automatic functioning.

Mevris was the first brand to introduce an application that normalized IoT for everyday users through air conditioners. A few years ago, the phenomenon that you can control everything with just a few clicks on your mobile phone or with voice commands was a mind-boggling concept, but now, not so much. Adding to the existing line-up of smart air conditioners, Mevris is now directional towards building homes that are completely smart.

Smart Switches: What Are They?

Have you ever tried to imagine what your life could be like if everything could be automated through your smartphone? If your appliances were smart enough to be operated with just one command? Sounds like a science fiction movie? Well, that’s now a reality with Mevris smart devices.

smart switch

Mevris has recently added to your already impressive collection of IoT devices! Now, you can control your switchboard completely with the new Mevris Wi-Fi switches. Your switches are now more than just a wall-mounted controller. It can connect to your secure Wi-Fi connection and then be controlled from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone.

Key Features of Mevris Smart Switches

There are a number of important features that are a part of the Mevris smart Wi-Fi switches.

1) Mobile/Remote Control Anywhere in the World


Your control over your switches is not just restricted to your room now. With Mevris, you can operate your switches from anywhere through your smartphone. Forgetting to turn off lights and appliances is not a problem anymore with switches that simplify everything for you.

2) Track Everything on the Timeline


Security is an important concept in today’s world, even when it comes to the operation of lights and appliances. Smart switches play an important part in that aspect as you can be aware of every small action of your smart switches through the activity timeline. Don’t remember if you did switch off the light before leaving the house? Just check the timeline now!

3) Facebook Chatbot

mevris Facebook chatbot

Options are important and Mevris realizes that. Your Mevris devices can be operated through not just the Mevris app, but also your social media applications. Facebook chat bot integration is currently available with others following soon.

4) Wide Operating Voltage

If you live in Pakistan, you know very well how much of nuisance fluctuations and low current voltages are. With Mevris switches, that problem is easily solved now. The sudden drops in voltage won’t affect you anymore as the smart switches operate over a wide range of voltages, keeping your devices safe.

While these are all very exciting features and ones to look forward to, this list is in no way complete. The Mevris smart switches are a dream due to a reason.


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