The Latest  Version of MEVRIS Live Now! 

We are ecstatic to announce the release of Mevris’ latest version, Mevris 4.54.0! As with the inception of the app, we are still as committed to introducing some of the best applications of IoT in Pakistan and making them feasible and easy enough to become household products. With every build that is released, Mevris has been made as user-friendly and interactive as possible.  Now with additional features and new products, multiple changes have also been made to revamp and revolutionize the application and its design.

Keep reading to find out everything that’s been included!

🔌 Mevris Socket-Now Available

Earlier this year, we took Mevris a bit further to include smaller products that would enable an automated home for the consumer. The first products enlisted in this venture were the Mevris Smart Switches that are available and completely operable through the Mevris app on your smart home. Now, we are excited to add to the line-up of smart products by adding a smart socket to Mevris’ increasing number of smart offerings.



The smart socket is easy to install and even easier to use as you can not just operate it through Mevris but, also receive complete energy insights and consumption data from all your plugged-in appliances!

With this addition, Mevris has given you the chance to make all your appliances smart, regardless of their origin! Just plug in your appliances to receive complete consumption information, reports as well as predictions. The predictions help you estimate your electricity bill as well as get a detailed report on the usage. This feature is highly useful in saving maximum energy through various appliances.

 🦋 Social Logins Optimized

The social logins page has been completely revamped both in design as well as visibility. The login page has been updated to include blue and red colors for Google and Facebook login buttons. This change in color has improved visibility for the buttons tremendously.

Another important change to the social logins is the addition of the options to log into Mevris through Facebook, Google, or your Email ID. Now, you can log in to Mevris with just one click through your social media profiles. 

💥Ever Expansive: New Products Added!

We’ve extended our range of available products once again! Your air conditioner experience is geared to be even better and smarter now as two new products have been added in Mevris, keeping consumer convenience at the very forefront.

Ultron Divine & Ultron Mega DC Inverter AC Now in Mevris

We have been continuously working on adding and expanding our already extensive product line on Mevris which is exactly why we are especially excited to announce that these two products are also a part of our line-up now.

Orient Divine and Mega DC inverter AC can now both be operated and managed with Mevris. You will now be able to get complete energy insights of your air conditioners. Mevris helps you monitor the energy consumption of your air conditioner, schedule run-times to save energy, and get complete daily, weekly and annual reports and predictions regarding the air conditioner.

💯Additional Improvements, Better Performance

 A number of changes have been made to make the application user-friendlier and easy to use.

  • Connectivity
  • Autopilot
  • Auto Clean
  • Device Add Flow
  • Reports
  • AC Controls

        Easier Connection

        Mevris now allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi with less than 3 characters for SSID. This has streamlined the connection process and made it hassle-free for the consumers.

        Full Control with Autopilot

        Autopilot modes have now been made available on all Orient smart air conditioner models. With autopilot modes, all you need to do is enter your target temperature and the app offers you five different paths to reach the desired thermostat. You can choose to save maximum energy, speed up the process through the turbo, and much more!



        Enabled Auto Clean for All

        Auto Clean is now a ready feature in all air conditioners as well. The powerful feature is very easy to use and the performance has been heavily improved too. Cleaning and maintaining the health of your air conditioner is as easy as 1,2,3!


        Optimized Device Add Flow

        Add Flow for Mevris switches is highly optimized now, making the process extremely fast and easy for the user. It’s a few simple and automated steps to your smart switches now!

        Faster Reports Retrieval

        It is easier and faster to retrieve reports and insights on your air conditioners with a user interface that is seamless and efficient than ever before.

        Enhanced AC Controls

        To gain more power over the control of the air conditioners in the application, we have further enhanced the AC Controls and their function in real-time.

        🐞Bug Fixes in the Update

        • Improved Live Control
        • Radom Crashes Resolved
        • Improved Feedback, linking with Helpdesk
        • Updated AC registration from Orient

              Here’s how to upgrade your Mevris app to the latest 4.54.0 version:

              Update the Mevris app on your phones from the App Store/Google Play. It will automatically update your apps in simulators.

              If you deleted the previous version, it is easy to install the new one from



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