List of Smart Home Products that are worth your time & money in 2020

What if you could connect all your devices to the internet? We are not talking about just phones and computers but all of your kitchen appliances, doorbells, security camera, and thermostat. A few years ago, it all seemed like a dream or something out of a science fiction movie. But the Internet of Things (IoT) has turned everything into a reality. It’s a key component of smart homes and home automation.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is exactly what it sounds like. It’s automating the ability to control your home – from window drapes to your coffee maker – with a button push or using voice command.

There is a long list of smart home products that you can use to control everything in your house from temperature to locks and home security devices. Here is the rundown of the best products for your home.

Smart Displays & Speakers

Smart Display

A smart speaker is a wireless, voice-activated device that uses pre-installed software to gather information and perform tasks, and presenting results aurally for users to hear. A smart display does the same but it presents results visually on a screen. Smart speakers and displays are always on and listening for their activation words such as Crotona for Microsoft, Siri for Apple, Google for Google Assistant, and Alexa for Amazon. The magic in smart speakers and smart displays is that it liberates users from other devices allowing them to give commands simply by speaking from anywhere in the room.

Smart Plugs & Switches

smart switch

If you are looking to automate your home and kitchen appliances, Mevris’ Smart plugs & switches are an excellent choice. You can control your appliances and monitor energy insights from anywhere in the world with our smart switches and plugs. These devices have built-in energy metering and wide voltage operation. You can also control them using voice commands. These IoT switches and plugs are a smart energy-efficient solution for your home.

Smart Home Security Cameras

Home security camera

Get a live feed of your living room and front gate with smart home security cameras. The latest cameras have the ability to stream and record videos in 4K. These cameras are also equipped with cool tech including motion tracking, night vision, auto zooming, and emergency siren. Smart cameras are completely wireless, very convenient, and a snap to install.

Home Security Systems & Smart Locks

smart lock

Smart locks have embedded Wi-Fi in them. Yes, that’s right, even locks have Wi-Fi connectivity these days. These smart locks support Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit. Smart locks and security systems can be controlled from a smartphone and a PC. Some of them have a touch-screen control panel.

Smart Bulb & Thermostat

Smart thermostats are armed with voice assistance, more powerful audio components, and dual-band Wi-Fi. Some of the smart thermostats also have user-friendly applications. Smart bulbs can connect to your home network wirelessly. These bulbs are relatively affordable and they also support voice command. For light configuration and lighting effects, you can give commands via phone app as well.

Some activities in home automation are comparatively inexpensive. Automating an advanced surveillance camera might need some serious investment. Mevris is innovating the best user-friendly products in the field of IoT and home automation. Our smart switches and smart plugs are a perfect solution for your smart home. The capacity to control any device is in your hands!

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