IOT & The Digital Revolution of Appliances Through Home Automation

Once a dream, home automation has now become a reality for the average consumer. While there is much to look at in home automation, the increased machine-to-machine interaction has only become possible due to the advent of IoT or Internet of Things.

What is IoT?

Simply speaking, IoT or the ‘Internet of Things’ are all those devices that are connected to each other and the internet. These devices collect and analyze data, shaping their actions accordingly. We refer to all these devices as ‘smart’. From small devices at home to airplanes and vehicles, IoT is slowly taking over all industries and the impact is not subtle at all.

The countless physical devices that are connected to the internet all around the world, collect and share data. This gathering and analyzing of the available data has helped turn something as small as a pill to something as large as an airplane into a smart device. Connecting all these devices and then adding various sensors to them has added a certain digital intelligence to the devices that would otherwise be essentially dumb.

You can now communicate with all your devices in real-time, with no help from a human being. This ease and the convenience now being offered by the smart devices has made the world around us smarter and more responsive and successfully merged the physical and digital universe together.

Some Examples of the Internet of Things

It is important to note that any object or device can be considered a smart one if only it connects to the internet, communicates with you in real-time and can be controlled remotely through your smart phone.

Some easy examples can be any light or fan that you can operate through a smart switches, appliances that you can turn on or off through a smart socket or plug or even the air conditioner in your office that regulates itself or the thermostat based on your requirements.

smart switch

In simple terms, any devices that connects over the internet and is able to talk to each other and us are utilizing IoT technology. There are already quite a few examples and the technology isn’t just limited to a device any longer. Imagine a smart home, or even a smart city!

Home Automation through IoT

Now that we know a little better about what IoT essentially is, we need to realize that it is an umbrella term for all the technologies that help connect devices to the internet.

This system works by data collection. The data collected by the devices is then used to monitor, control and transfer information over the internet. As an example, let’s take a look at a sandwich maker. Imagine the sandwich maker turning off by itself once the bread is at the right level of prepared-ness and also notifying the user about it!

Now, take that ability and transfer it to every electronic device in your home. What you get is a smart home powered by IoT!

In your smart home, instead of going to every device manually to turn it on or off, you can just take all the actions you want with the press of a button. The control through the smart phone is now also extending to control with voice as well as apps, like Mevris.

While these new abilities are shocking enough, imagine your smart home or devices needing no control at all. If they took all the actions automatically with regards to certain set parameters and sensor readings, it would be a step further and exactly where our home automation industry is headed.

In Pakistan, Mevris was the first implementation of IoT when the app was introduced. Back then, the app powered the Orient air conditioners and helped managed predictions, reports and energy insights of the device. The system was highly successful and the movement gained massive traction.

Now, Mevris is finally delving into and enabling smart homes through a series of new products that include the Mevris Smart Switch & Socket. The ability to control any device is now in the palm of your hand. Welcome to your smart home!



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