Top Benefits of Home Automation & Why You Need It?

If the advent of technology and its rapid progression in a very short time has left any doubt in your mind, all you need to look at how the corded-landline phone has evolved and developed into smart hand-held computers that can perform any action under the sun. All of this has happened in just a decade!

If you agree and think that smartphones were one of the major achievements of the past decade, mark our words when we say that automated homes are going to be the ones for this current one! But, before we get right into it and explain why we think this is true, let us first see what home automation really is!

What is Home Automation?

To keep it simple, smart homes or home automation refers to any or a number of devices that can connect with each other or over a network, making it possible for you to control them or manage them remotely through a number of input options. This situation where all the devices work together in one system is referred to as a ‘connected home’.

The different devices can be your thermostat controllers (air conditioners), lights, fans and any number of appliances like your LED TV or even security cameras that can be controlled with a few clicks of your smart phone. In this way, home automation helps you tap into exclusive luxury and convenience that wasn’t possible before!

What are the Benefits of Home Automation?

Now that you know how it works and what it is, let us take a quick peek into all the reasons why you really need an automated home and all the benefits you can reap from it!

 1- Big Savings Overall

Smart appliances when connected to a system that can be monitored continuously and operated from anywhere in the world, help save massively on all fronts. Your automated lights and fans would save you a lot of energy over time. Additionally, if you have air conditioners automated through Mevris and E-Comfort technology, you can increase the efficiency of your inverters by a good percentage through the auto-pilot modes!

 2- Safety

Home automation also plays an important role in ensuring consumer safety and is one of the very important reasons people reach out for these devices as well. As with Mevris smart switches and plugs, the ability to connect only to the authorized Wi-Fi connection makes it easy for the consumer to have complete control over their lights and fans!

 3- Control

The ultimate control with smart devices makes sure that you are always in touch with everything that is happening inside you home as well as all the changes that are made over time. Keeping an eye on everything is now easier and so is creating a living environment!

  4- Comfort

Not just control, home automation devices also help provide you extreme comfort as the lighting is adaptive to your needs and so are all the appliances. There is no way you can ever forget to switch off the appliances and this gives you a well-needed peace of mind. You can also now lie in peace on your bed and adjust the temperature of your room through the air conditioner.

If you want all these perks that come with home automation, all you need to do is take a look at a wide variety of options Mevris has for you, starting from smart switches and plugs to air conditioners and so much more! Take a look and make your choice now at Mevris website.

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