How would you like it if your home lights turn on when you are nearby? Your coffee maker starts making coffee in the morning by itself and the smart security system deactivates itself when you are almost home. All of these scenarios seemed like a dream a while ago, but not anymore. Home automation is completely changing our living style.

In this blog we are breaking it down for you and how can it be added in your home. Believe us when we tell you that the process is not so complicated.

What Exactly is Home Automation?

In simple words, home automation is the process of automatic control of all the electronic devices in your home. All of these devices are connected to the internet. Since they are connected to the internet, they can be controlled remotely. All of these devices can trigger one another meaning you do not have to control them manually via some application or voice assistant. The easiest example is that you can set up a schedule for the light to go out according to your bedtime. The same goes for all of the other electronic devices. Convenience and savings are some of the extra benefits that come with home automation.

Work Mechanism of Home Automation

Almost all of our electronic devices are connected to the internet these days via Wi-Fi or some other way. All of these devices create a network. The electronic interface allows these devices to be controlled remotely or via some voice assistant device. Most of these devices have motion, temperature, and light sensors. These sensors gather the surrounding information for their users.

There are three levels of home automation; control, monitoring, and automation. The control allows you to access devices remotely like panning a security camera on your front gate to check the surroundings. Monitoring means you can see the live feed of your home camera through an application. Lastly, automation means setting up a series of devices that would trigger one another. For example, your security alarm would go off if someone tries to break into your home.


Benefits of Home Automation

Home automation has a lot of benefits to offer. Here are a few of the home automation benefits:

Ease in Life – this is one of the major benefits of home automation. Let us suppose that you are laying in a bed and you forgot to turn off the fan in another room. Instead of getting up and going into the room, you can turn that fan off from your bed.

Energy Effective – home automation saves you a lot of energy. This feature makes it more important in Pakistan because of our energy crisis. Home automation allows you to set the on and off time of your electronic appliances. In the long run, home automation pays for itself in savings.

Security – there is a wide range of security products for your home. There are security cameras and motion sensors that would detect any forceful entry.

We are the pioneers of home automation in Pakistan. We have a wide range of IoT devices and smart switches designed using cutting-edge technology to offer maximum security and comfort.


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