About Us

Mevris is solely committed to devoting our talent and technology to create superior solutions and devices that are aimed at improving and contributing to the global society though all means.

Our Objective

Creating the best user-friendly products that provide stellar solutions and give customers satisfaction. Through our smart devices, we aim to contribute to the society and cater to the average man’s common interests and lead them to a richer and more fulfilling life.

Our Vision

Through smooth IT solutions, we are making sure that the inner workings of all electronic devices provide efficiency, maximized performance, longevity and active resource management.

Our Mission

Contribute to the overall growth and progress of the global IT market and building an unrivaled competitive edge when it comes to innovation in electronic devices.

Our Leadership

Our CEO, Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat is a renowned name in the field of IOT and technological innovation. With Mevris, he is committed towards a smarter Pakistan and introducing advanced products that deliver unparalleled levels of performance and ease.

Our Sustainable Approach

As a global citizen, we are well-aware of our responsibilities and while delivering innovative products and services, we aim to follow all social, economic and environmental values. As we deliver inventive devices and administrations along the supply chain at Mevris, we create values in the fields of economy, society, and sustainability. We screen the money related and non-budgetary effects that we apply on society with the goal that we boost our positive effects while limiting any negative ones.

Our Core Values

Excellence in all Conditions

National & Global Change through Technology

Integrity &

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