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Ultimate Control

The smart wifi kit connects your Ultron eComfort with the application on your phone, tablet or laptop. This allows you to control your AC smartly no matter where you are.

Multifaceted Air Conditioner

Ultron eComfort goes beyond just cooling with its versatile features.

Command and Control

Via your phone, you can instruct you AC to turn itself on or off and can control the temperature and mode anywhere you want.

Device status

Through the phone application, you can have access to the Ultron eComfort inverter’s status in real time and can even keep track of the past usage.

Schedule and automation

You can schedule your AC to automatically turn itself on when you are near home or turn itself off when you are going out increasing living efficiency.

Remote control usage

Any action taken via remote control will be captured by the cloud and will be visible to you on your phone.

Stunning Visualisations

You can view the recorded data such as electricity consumption in colourful graphs and pie charts for ease of understanding.

Ampere Data

It informs you about how much current the air conditioner is drawing, it’s average value in history as well as its present value.

Electricity Unit Consumption

KWH tells how much energy has been consumed by the air conditioner and you can view its history as well as the real time consumption.

Voltage Data

Volt is measured in real time and history is also provided. It tells you the input voltage supplied to your air conditioner.

Power (Watts) Data

This category informs you about power being drawn by the air conditioner in the real time and provides you with its history too.

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